Former State Representative Elizabeth Scott Clarifies Endorsements in Skagit and Snohomish County

Press Release
Date: April 24, 2018
For Immediate Release
Contact: Lisa D’Andrea 425-870-5940Former State Representative Elizabeth Scott Clarifies Endorsements in Skagit & Snohomish County

As was reported in January, Former State Representative Elizabeth Scott is running against recently-appointed Keith Wagoner for the 39th Legislative District’s Senate position. He was appointed in January 2018 to fill the seat vacated by former Senator Kirk Pearson, so has served during Legislative Session for a total of 60 days. Scott served four years (two 2-year terms) as State Representative for the 39th LD in Skagit, Snohomish, and northeast King Counties, winning re-election with nearly 63% in 2014 and completing her second term in January 2017.

Recent statements coming out of Skagit County about this race require clarification. It is being reported that the “Skagit Republican party has given Senator Wagoner sole and exclusive endorsement with a unanimous vote.” This is misleading, at best, since this was not a vote of the 39th LD PCOs or the PCOs of the Skagit County Central Committee. It was simply a vote of the Executive Board, which, because of one member being absent, included only 5 votes from the 39th LD.

It should be noted that former State Representative Elizabeth Scott has the endorsements of Skagit County PCO Barbee Andrew, former Skagit County Republican Party Chair George Edmundson, Sedro-Woolley City Councilman Chuck Owen, Burlington City Councilmember Edie Edmundson, Skagit County farmer and producer Larry Jensen, Kevin Loy, and many more.

She is also honored to have the endorsements of many Snohomish County officials and residents, including Darrington Fire Chief, Dennis Fenstermaker and Darrington Town Councilmember, Kevin Ashe, co-owner of the Darrington IGA. Kevin said: “You have my endorsement. You have a proven record of helping the rural areas. And your efforts to help during the Slide cannot be forgotten.”

For more information about Elizabeth Scott and her many endorsements, check out her website http://elizabeth4statecom/endorsements/.